Hair Care

The following provides hair care guidelines for your DivinityKHair purchase:

  • Gently co-wash your virgin hair before  installation.
  • Wash hair with sulfate- free shampoo and conditioner at least once a week. This prevents your virgin hair from getting tangled or shedding due to dryness. It also removes the oil and dirt build-up hair can acquire over time. (Some customers choose to just co-wash their hair only. Co-wash means to only wash your hair with conditioner).
  • Some shampoo and conditioners work better than others with virgin hair. (Just like some shampoo and conditioners work better than others with your natural hair. Certain shampoos can dry out your hair. It is best to just co-wash your hair). 
  • After gently washing hair, rinse with cold or room-temperature water.
  • Let hair air dry. (You can also blow dry your hair if you like).
  • Keep styling products to a minimum, between washes to avoid weighing hair down.
  • Keep heat to a minimum to provide longevity.
  • Avoid alcohol based products. 
  • Always comb or brush hair from ends to root in sections.
  • Put a silk cap on at night or sleep on a silk pillow case if possible.

We recommend that you seal your wefts but it is not necessary. During installation we do not recommend cutting your wefts. Cutting your wefts causes your hair to shed. Sealing your wefts can help your virgin hair last from 6 months to a year!